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We examined whether the academic background (humanities or not) of key university administrators predicts the proportion of faculty in the humanities who were tenured or tenure track, full- time non-tenured, or part- time non-tenured. Data come from the public use IPEDs files and the restricted-access versions of the First and Second National Humanities Department Survey, as well as data we collected on the disciplinary backgrounds of presidents, provosts, and deans. While a number of statistically significant associations were found, these associations were not stable between the two years and were sometimes opposite what one might a priori predict. As such we cannot conclude that there are stable relationships between administrators’ disciplinary backgrounds and the shares of the different types of faculty employed by humanities’ departments.


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Jones, T. R., Prenovitz, S. J., Benson, C. M., & Ehrenberg, R. G. (2015). Do administrators' disciplinary backgrounds influence humanities departments' staffing patterns? [Electronic version]. Retrieved [insert date], from Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations site:

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