Publication Date

December 1911


Vol. 3, sec. 2 (pp. 1291-1407)

MAY CALIANDRO LEVANTINI, machine operator (defendants’ witness, p. 1291); describes actions the day of the fire; describes flames; questioned about lawsuit against Harris & Blanck; questioned about appearance of string on key in door; describes turning key and passing through door; questioned about previous testimony

Long argument between attorneys about access to written testimony

THOMAS HORTON, porter (defendants’ witness, p. 1325); questioned about previous testimony re lock and door; extensive arguing between attorneys and judge re admissibility of statements

REGINALD J. WILLIAMSON, porter, now working for another firm (defendants’ witness, p. 1350); testifies that he took lunch orders from sewing machine operators; describes string on key tied to door-knob, which he himself tied on; testifies about workers dancing to phonograph brought in during strike; about physical layout

IDA MITTLEMAN, machine operator (defendants’ witness, p. 1371), testifies about where she and her sister sat

Adjourned; resumed December 20, 1911

IDA MITTLEMAN continues, describes actions the day of the fire, actions of others; still an employee of Harris & Blanck; describes key hanging by string from door-knob; questioned about previous testimony about trying to open the door; long argument between attorneys about access to written testimony