Publication Date

November 1911


Vol. 1, sec. 2 (pp. 81-151)

Firefighters and police:

DANIEL C. DONOHUE, firefighter (People’s witness, p. 80), testifies as to when alarm came in

EDWARD G. WORTH, firefighter, battalion chief (People’s witness, p. 84), testifies about what he saw at the scene Adjourned to December 7, 1911

Trial resumes, December 7, 1911

Witness Worth continues (cross-examination by defendants’ attorney Mr. Steuer)

Witness George Fist recalled

OLIVER MAHONEY, firefighter (People’s witness, p. 106), describes his actions at scene of fire

HOWARD C. RUCH, fire Captain (People’s witness, p. 116), describes finding bodies and debris at scene, behavior of fire

JOHN BOYLE, firefighter (People’s witness, p. 147), describes his actions