Publication Date

December 1911


Vol. 3, sec. 4 (pp. 1508-1600)

SIGMUND FUCKS, painter (defendants’ witness, p. 1508), escribes refurbishing floors of premises

SAMUEL BERNSTEIN, superintendent (defendants’ witness, p. 1516), related by marriage to Harris & Blanck, lost brother and other relatives in fire; describes actions of self and others on the day of the fire, notes key in lock; distances and dimensions of tables and other objects on premises

Adjourned, resumed December 21, 1911 (p. 1551)

BERNSTEIN continues, questioned about previous testimony to Coroner

EMILY L. PERRETT, department store buyer (defendants’ witness, p. 1576), describes entering and leaving the premises

ISAAC SEGAL, Singer sewing machine salesman (defendants’ witness, p. 1583)

TONY SURAMALLI, paper remover (defendants’ witness, p. 1584)

GUSSIE RAPP, forelady (defendants’ witness, p. 1587), describes whether doors were locked