Publication Date

December 1911


Vol. 3, sec. 3 (pp. 1408-1507)

HENRY C. JACOBS, traveling theater owner (defendants’ witness, p. 1408), describes one visit to the premises

SIM HERMAN, lace salesman (defendants’ witness, p. 1412), testifies about the routine whereabouts of Mr. Harris, which stairs or elevators were taken

WILLIAM HARRIS, porter (defendants’ witness, p. 1418), testifies about string on key

ANNA MITTLEMAN, sewing machine operator (defendants’ witness, p. 1438)

SAMUEL RUBIN pattern maker, discharged before the day of the fire (defendants’ witness, p. 1443), asked about how he came and went between floors, physical layout of premises

HYMAN SILVERMAN, machine operator, now cigar store owner (defendants’ witness, p. 1458), asked about key in door, watchman examining workers’ pocketbooks as they left, Mr. Blanck routinely trying the door; came to testify after reading about the case (no subpoena)

EDWIN E. WOLF, salesman (defendants’ witness, p. 1477), discusses whether he found door locked on visits

JOHN CASEY, engineer/mechanic, worked under superintendent Mr. Stern (defendants’ witness, p. 1487), questioned about length of key in door; questioned about previous statements, argument between attorneys over seeing written testimony

ABRAHAM BACHARACH, embroidery manufacturer, sells to Harris & Blanck (defendants’ witness, p. 1498), describes customary way he entered and left premises; describes usual whereabouts of Harris, whether he had ever locked a door