Publication Date

November 1911


Vol. 1, section 1 (pp. 1-80) People’s Witnesses

Day 1: November 20, 1911; after brief discussion of rules, adjourned to December 4.

Witness called: ANTON J. GERICK, a talesman

December 4, 5, 6: examination of talesman, empaneling of jury (no details), motion for dismissal of each count; motion denied; opening of case by People, asst to D.A. Mr. Bostwick (p. 4), describing physical layout of building, events he plans to prove.

Witnesses called:

CHARLES B. MILLER, representative of owner of the building (People’s witness, p. 16)

DANIEL G. TERRY, custodian in clerk’s office (People’s witness)

JAMES P. WHISKEMAN, civil engineer (People’s witness, p. 23); long description of physical layout as represented by diagram, especially stairways and doors

OTTO H. SCHULTZE, coroner’s physician, (People’s witness, p. 65) performed autopsy on Margaret Schwartz, confirms cause of death asphyxiation

HAROLD L. COE, photographer (People’s witness, p. 66)

GEORGE FIST, photographer (People’s witness, p. 73); discussion of lighting conditions in factory building, accuracy of layout on diagram