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Spring 2014


As a result of the sub-optimal performance of recent graduates, the corporate university was created. Now, the corporate university is a central part of many learning organizations. Although firms with the largest investments in their people have proven to outperform other firms by 17% to 35% on the Standard and Poor’s index, the fact is corporate universities still cost money, a lot of it. So, numerous firms have sought out to forge methods of measuring the effectiveness of corporate universities to determine the business impact and the potential need of improvement. However, determining what to measure and how to do so has proven to be a challenging task, one that many firms haven’t yet tackled. For instance, one study found that 39% of organizations spend less than 1% their training budget on measurement and 94.3% of firms spend less than 5%, although measurement is crucial to improving the success of a corporate university. Thus, this paper will present a variety of the best approaches that can be used to measure the efficacy of a corporate university.


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