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Spring 2013


According to Harvard Business Review, only 30% of high performers are actually high potential employees. The remaining 70% lack the critical components for future success. CLC groups these individuals into three categories: Engaged Dreamers, Disengaged Stars, and Misaligned Stars. Most fall into the latter two categories. Disengaged stars have the ability and aspiration to be high potentials, but suffer from a lack of engagement. Misaligned stars have the ability and the engagement, but do not aspire or do not choose to make the sacrifices to attain and to perform in more demanding jobs.

Within this company, 10% of employees fall into the category of high performers who have reached their full potential. This group also represents approximately 85% of the critical-to-retain talent. Therefore, strategies to reward and retain these employees become highly important for the organization, arguably just as important as strategies directed towards high potentials.


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