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[Excerpt] Leadership is vital to a company’s bottom line, yet only 41% of C-suite leaders believe that their organizations’ leadership development programs (LDP) are of high or very high quality. However, only 18% of companies are gathering relevant business impact metrics, key determinants for measuring a program’s effectiveness and ROI. Many organizations focus on the Kirkpatrick model--reaction, learning, behavior, and results--to evaluate learning, it is critical to extend this framework to include return-on-investment. This focus on operational and strategic metrics that will drive results for the business and individual to accurately measure LDPs spanning the entry and executive levels to focus on relevant indicators.


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Merila, A. & Woo, R. (2019). What should be in place to assess the effectiveness or return on investment of a company’s leadership development programs? Retrieved [insert date] from Cornell University, ILR School site:

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