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[Excerpt] Among the many important tools in the Human Resource Management toolbox, rotation programs are excellent tools for recruiting, professional development and retention of top HR talent. In a survey conducted by Hay Group involving 1279 companies to determine best business practices, offering rotational programs for high potential employees ranks among the top five. By implementing such best practices, HR managers are more satisfied with the number and quality of their HR employees. In addition, when non-HR placements are incorporated they also provide the opportunity to enhance business acuity for HR professionals. Business acumen is a badly needed skill for HR and many companies have difficulties developing the necessary skills in this area. Deloitte’s research confirms that “less than 8 percent of HR leaders have confidence that their teams have the skills needed to meet the challenge of today’s global environment and consistently deliver innovative programs that drive business impact.” Using this systematic method to expose Human Resources to different business functions, rotation programs clearly benefit both the company and employees. This paper summarizes research, and provides recommendations, surrounding business rotational programs for HR professionals.


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