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[Excerpt] Companies have had to evolve continuously to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Especially in industries with blue-collar workers, automation and other forms of innovation have become looming stress points to many employees. Maintaining employee engagement is a key element of any successful change initiative. Strong leaders are needed to be able to inform, engage, enable, and build trust within the organization, to promote confidence and keep workers satisfied. While much research has been conducted on the engagement of white-collar workers, not much information is available for offline blue-collar workers, who are a part of a growing workforce. If not careful, these crucial employee groups, who are constantly on the move and do not use traditional communication technologies in their daily jobs, can feel overlooked and become disengaged.


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Tsui, A. (2017). How do companies communicate with nonexempt/offline/non-desk employees and keep them confident and engaged during times of organizational change? Retrieved [insert date] from Cornell University, ILR School site:

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