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Fall 2016


Demand for high potential talent has increased dramatically in the past five years as companies have struggled to fill vacancies due to a competitive talent market. Therefore, having a strong talent pipeline is extremely critical to organizations. Most companies evaluate high potential talent based on three criteria: engagement, ability, aspiration to hold successive leadership. But only 53% of organizations are confident in their ability to select and assess the best talent. An efficient tool is necessary to assess and capture the best talent in the organization. These four categories of tools are widely used by industries and have been considered successful and effective when measuring potential leaders:

  1. Assessment and development centers
  2. External assessment tools
  3. Company self-developed assessment methods
  4. 360-degree employee feedback assessment

To better understand the benefits of using these tools, this summary report will analyze the essence of the tools and provide case studies of top performers in the industry using these methods.


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