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Fall 2016


Companies must think carefully about what types of measures they will use to understand employee performance. Most results measures track what goes on within a function, not what happens across functions, and getting people from different functions on a team to speak a common language can be difficult. These measures tend to vary significantly across different companies and industries. In order to best evaluate the performance of employees, it is imperative to:

  1. Develop measures that make sense for your business and the impact your employees have.
  2. Understand how to properly evaluate interventions in meaningful ways.
  3. Share this information in a practical and clear tool like the balanced scorecard.


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Collier, D., & Zheng, H. (2016). What are some effective HR measures that can be built out of existing HR or business strategies to measure the impact and success of HR interventions?Retrieved [insert date] from Cornell University, ILR School site:

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