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[Excerpt] The Consulting Assistance on Economic Reform Project (CAER) was designed to help AID and developing country governments to design, implement, monitor and evaluate economic policy reform. The project has provided AID access to economists and social scientists with extensive practical experience and outstanding educational credentials. CAER has been implemented by the Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID) since its inception in July 1989 and is scheduled to operate through June 25, 1994, with total authorized funding of up to $10.5 million. The CAER contract presents the project's objective as follows:

AID is increasingly involved in assisting developing nations to introduce and maintain appropriate economic policies at the macro, sectoral, and project levels. The purpose of the AID contract is to obtain economic consultant and advisory services that will enhance AID's capacity to provide such assistance to developing nations.


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Callihan, D., Fields, G. S., & Parker, J. (1993). Project evaluation: Consulting assistance on economic reform [Electronic version]. Washington, DC: U.S. Agency for International Development.