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This paper captures current trends in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and its potential use in Ireland by analyzing Irish practitioners’ current attitudes and awareness of ODR. Ultimately, this work provides the groundwork for future research into Ireland’s use of ODR. This exploratory research will hopefully guide researchers in understanding ODR’s users and consumption.

Data collection came from an online questionnaire sent to practitioners in the field of conflict intervention in Ireland who reported their experiences and perspectives of ODR. One hundred and twenty-four (124) surveys were used in this analysis. These questionnaires produced both quantitative and qualitative data. Approximately 900 people were asked to complete the survey.

The author found surveyed participants were skeptical regarding ODR with very few actually using online technologies to aid in resolving disputes. A popular sentiment among participating practitioners felt ODR was not better than face-to-face meetings yet thought it was worth exploring further. Finally, the author found that those who had heard of ODR are more likely to believe they could assist parties in reaching a settlement entirely using video technology.


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