Sandy Jordan


Publication Date

September 2006


[Excerpt] After 28 years, Sandy Jordan is saying goodbye to her career at ILR on August 31, 2006.

Sandy started out in ILR in 1978 as an administrative assistant working on a small grant administered by Prof. Robert Doherty and Prof. Ronald Donovan. She had been laid off from the local telephone company and was desperately searching for another job when Mary Tucker off ered her the position mainly because Sandy “happened to be the only applicant that did not remind Mary of her mother.”

During the summer of 1978, she applied for and was offered a position in the ILR Extension Division Fiscal Office working for David Stotz and Merle Hayes.

She worked in the Extension Fiscal Office until June 1991 when she transferred to the ILR Human Resources Office working with Pam Strausser and Gail Hendrix and has remained in the HR office ever since.

After retiring, Sandy plans to ride off into the sunset on a big orange motorcycle.