Publication Date

August 2003


[Excerpt] Maurice F. Neufeld was a respected scholar, beloved teacher, and one of the two founding faculty members of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University.

Jean McKelvey and Maurice were appointed the first faculty members of Cornell’s newly created ILR School in 1945 by its founding dean, Irving Ives. Mr. Ives left the university shortly thereafter for the United States Senate. Maurice served as secretary, then chair, of the committee that governed the school between Ives’s resignation and the appointment of Martin P. Catherwood as Dean of the School in 1947. One of Maurice’s most valuable contributions to the school was during this formative period in its history. By virtue of his dignity and erudition, as well as his considerable political skills, Maurice greatly facilitated the acceptance of the initially controversial multidisciplinary ILR School into the larger university community.