Publication Date

October 2007


Allan Lentini is retiring from his position as Director of Administration for the School of Industrial & Labor Relations on October 26th, 2007. His responsibilities include those offices of Fiscal Operations, Facilities, Capital projects, Technical Services and Web Services. He was appointed to the position in September 1977.

Allan has had a 32 year career at Cornell University --- starting in May 1975 as the Director of Administrative Operations (probably the first position to be later known at Cornell as “College Administrative Officer”) for the College of Architecture, Art and Planning (including Fiscal, Human Resources, and Facilities (for 5 years); then as the Director (same title, increased responsibilities) for the University Library System (for 5 years); then as Assistant Dean of Administration for the Hotel School (increased scope of responsibilities + Capital Projects and Computer Operations / Systems) for 5 years; then Assistant to the Senior Vice President and Interim Director of University Human Resources (a total of 3 years); then University Space Planner, working for various VPs --- including Ron Ehrenberg as the last (and best) of the VP supervisors, for 3-1/2 years, and; then his position at ILR for 10+ years.

During his employment at Cornell, Allan has worked for a total of five Deans, a Library Director, a Senior VP and three VP’s. He has been College Client Representative and/or Project Manager on more than a half-dozen capital projects, including the Statler Hotel & Conference Center and the Hotel School, and the various Phase I, II and the currently in progress Phase III projects at ILR.

During Allan’s “Space Czar” days in Day Hall, he was charged by the Provost to organize, budget and implement a plan to relocate the 11 different academic and administrative programs & departments that resided in Sage Hall before the renovation of that structure. The target date of two years set by the Provost to accomplish these relocations and start the renovation of Sage was (barely) met.

Allan received the George Peter Staff Achievement Award in 2005. Prior to arriving at Cornell, Allan earned a BEE Electrical/Nuclear Engineering), an MBA, a Masters in Personnel Psychology and a Doctorate in Education.

Prior to Cornell, he held positions as a high school teacher (Algebra/Calculus/Computer Programming), assistant professor (Mathematics/Statistics/OB) and as a college Dean of Students.

Allan and his spouse, Denise, will be celebrating 40 years of marriage --- and 30 years of sailing --- in 2008. Th eir three sons and spouses live in the Seattle and Cleveland areas. Marc [BILR and MILR] and Matthew [MILR] are graduates of this School and work in related fields. Paul is a 10 year veteran of the Coast Guard.