Fran Secord


Publication Date

July 2007


My career at Cornell began on June 28, 1979, as a Kitchen Assistant in the the ILR Conference Center under Irene Grant’s supervision.

In 1981, I was hired as an administrative assistant by David Eastman. I moved to the Research Building and took on very diff erent responsibilities.

My career took another turn in October of 1987, I joined the Martin P. Catherwood library staff with Phil Dankert as my supervisor. This was quite an undertaking. I had no library experience. A couple weeks into the job, I wondered if I had made the mistake of a lifetime. I worked very hard, learned the necessary new skills and prevailed.

My job in the library changed in 2004. I became a web assistant for our web site Digital Commons. This was another challenge which required learning new skills.

It has been quite a journey. 28 years later, it is time to start yet another journey. My career at Cornell has come to an end.