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[Excerpt] In 2002, The Boilermakers Tripartite Alliance Gainsharing Committee received a grant from the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service to learn from past gainsharing experiences in the energy construction industry and sponsor pilot projects for the current testing and development of best practices. Acting as a joint labor-management alliance of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and industry owners and contractors, the Committee enrolled the assistance of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations to research, conduct pilots, and produce this Gainsharing Handbook.

This Handbook offers an introductory outline of the components of a gainsharing program. The overall goal is to help industry partners understand whether and how to implement a gainsharing approach that can best match their needs and circumstances. Toward these goals the handbook provides background information together with guidance based on the experience of this industry and other construction-related and manufacturing environments. Sample worksheets and templates are included to illustrate how to develop the specifics of gainsharing in your situation. Pilot case studies are also presented highlighting lessons learned by those who have recently implemented programs in a variety of energy construction industry situations.


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Gaffney, M., Seeber, R. & Sears, S. (2005). The energy industry gainsharing handbook [Electronic version]. Ithaca, NY: ILR School, Cornell University and The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Tripartite Alliance.