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[Excerpt] Rather than representing the final word on the subject, we hope this manual will represent the first step in an evolutionary process of increasingly effective and comprehensive health and safety contract language guidance. This can only succeed if labor leaders communicate with us concerning critical failures and successes in utilizing or obtaining contract language related to the work environment. We look forward to hearing about your experiences.


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Platner, J. W., Duke, D., & Zucker, S. (1991). Negotiating contract language on health and safety: A union guide to planning, with sample clauses. Ithaca NY: Cornell University, Chemical Hazard Information Program.

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Copyright by Cornell University, Workplace Health and Safety Program (formerly Chemical Hazard Information Program).
Initial development of this manual was funded through occupational safety and health training and education grant #C00-6025 from the New York State Hazard Abatement Board.