Lyn Wells


[Excerpt]This article is about one small Georgia town. It is also about me and my people and who will speak for us.

This is the story of a Ku Klux Klan reign of terror, resulting in the murders of two Mexican workers and a citizenry gripped with fear. What happened in Cedartown, Georgia, is set in the context of a rapid gallop to the right in the American political landscape. Both the KKK and the town's establishment, each for its own motives, appeal to whites' frustrations and fears of economic insecurity.

Cedartown contains many sad tales of public apathy as well as stories of decent folks who genuinely oppose terrorism and bigotry but who are baffled about what to do. With some work, however, the Cedartown story may yet have a happy ending as people begin to realize common human interests, the need for inclusiveness, the essential meaning of democracy and the power which can reside in a fight for common solutions.