[Excerpt]Besides the Boilermakers, few unions have accumulated much experience with "in-plant strategies." United Autoworkers Region 5, however, has piled up an impressive record of victories using tactics similar to those described in Tom Balanoff's article.

In fact, the modern use of this strategy (so far as we can determine) begins with UAW Local 282's well-known victory at the Moog auto parts plant in St. Louis in 1982. Since then, other locals in UAW Region 5 have successfully used the strategy to win contracts at a Schwitzer cooling-fan plant in Rolla, Missouri, (1983) and at Bell Helicopter in Texas (1984). And this summer UAW Local 848 finally won a no-concessions contract after 15 months of in-plant struggle at LTV-Vought's aerospace defense systems plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.

UAW Region 5 covers eight states in the middle of the country. Regional Director Ken Worley has supported use of this new strategy in carefully chosen situations and Assistant Regional Director Jerry Tucker has been instrumental in developing what Region 5 has come to call "running the plant backwards."