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Labor Research Review

To a generation of trade union scholars and activists, Labor Research Review was a central forum for analysis, criticism, and strategic thinking on the American labor movement in the late 20th century.

Number 1 (1982):
Labor Community Unity: The Morse Strike Against Disinvestment and Concessions

Number 2 (1983):
The Crisis in Steel: Jobs, Profits, Communities

Number 3 (1983):
Fighting Rust: Labor-Community Struggles in Smokestack America

Number 4 (1984):
Up Against the Gloom and Doom! Aggressive Unionism at Eastern Airlines

Number 5 (1984):
Fighting Shutdowns

Number 6 (1985):
Workers as Owners

Number 7 (1985):
New Tactics for Labor

Number 8 (1986):
Labor's Crucible in the 1980's...Organize!

Number 9 (1986):
Labor Tackles the Local Economy

Number 10 (1987):
Mismanagement & What Unions Can Do About It

Number 11 (1988):
Feminizing Unions

Number 12 (1988):
Up Against the Open Shop: New Initiatives in the Building Trades

Number 13 (1989):
Solidarity Across Borders: U.S. Labor in a Global Economy

Number 14 (1989):
Participating in Management: Union Organizing on a New Terrain

Number 15 (1990):
Privatization & Contracting Out

Number 16 (1990):
Organizing for Health & Safety

Number 17 (1991):
An Organizing Model of Unionism

Number 18 (1991):
Let's Get Moving! Organizing for the '90's

Number 19 (1992):
Saving Manufacturing: Charting a New Course for our Unions and Communities

Number 20 (1993):
Building on Diversity: The New Unionism

Number 21 (1993):
No More Business As Usual: Labor's Corporate Campaigns

Number 22 (1994):
Labor and Political Action

Number 23 (1995):
Confronting Global Power: Union Strategies for the World Economy

Number 24 (1996):
Tough Questions, Fresh Ideas, and New Models: Fuel for the New Labor Movement