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This paper contributes to the literature by computing the contribution of labor reallocation to productivity growth for the United States and Canada, using several different decomposition specifications, and applying a consistent approach to data from both countries. We compute the Baily, Hulten & Campbell (1992), Griliches & Regev (1995), Foster, Haltiwanger & Krizan (2001), and Baldwin & Gu (2006) decompositions, for both three-year and five-year time frames. We focus on the manufacturing sector for both countries, and assess the robustness of the conclusions to alternate specifications that the data from one or the other country allow us to do.


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Berube, C., Dostie, B. & Vilhuber, L. (2012, April). A comparison of the contribution of labor reallocation to aggregate productivity growth: Canada and the united states. Presented at CAED, Nurnberg.

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