Publication Date

Fall 2013


Baker & McKenzie’s Global Employment Practice Group is pleased to present its 54th issue of The Global Employer™ entitled “Showcasing New Developments for Multinational Employers.”

This issue contains a collection of articles on legal developments from nine jurisdictions that examine changes to employment and labour laws and practices and explore developments in compensation and benefits.

Included, you will find information pertaining to a new collective redundancy procedure in France aimed at providing for a more secure labor market; new measures in Spain intended to promote employment among young people under 30; the codification of requirements for the negotiation of social plans in Switzerland; effects on UK redundancy laws in light of being found in breach of EU directives; emboldened labor agency agendas in the US; a discussion from Argentina on the rights of employees and employers when it comes to monitoring in the workplace; new developments for stock option plans in Brazil; changes to the calculation of payroll taxes in Colombia; and the promotion and protection of labor rights in Peru.


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