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[Excerpt] Baker & McKenzie’s Global Employment Practice Group is pleased to present its 46th issue of The Global Employer™ entitled “Bringing Light to Employment Law Changes and New Developments.”

This issue contains a collection of articles on legal developments from 11 jurisdictions that examine changes to labour laws, employment practices, and benefits issues. The global economy is still affecting change on the employment landscape with new legislation being passed in many jurisdictions. The challenge for the multinational employer is to stay informed of these changes and the effects they will have on the workplace and their employees.

We have several articles that deal with new employment legislation – the new law in Austria designed to reduce the pay gap between men and women; the ground-breaking Minimum Wage Ordinance in Hong Kong; the 2010 Malaysian Whistleblower Protection Act; and the Employees Food Assistance Law in Mexico are all discussed in this edition.

Other jurisdictions have reformed or amended existing employment laws such as the reform of the French retirement scheme; the reform of certain procedural aspects governing Italian labour disputes; Spain’s major employment and labor law reform package; and amendments to current Swedish legislation.

Finally, we have articles from several jurisdictions that further clarify existing laws and policy, such as the recent ruling in Argentina concerning unlawful intermediation of employment; the requirements and limitations that must be observed during an investigative proceeding in Brazil; the required contributions by Brazilian employers into severance fund deposits; and the effect that the NLRB’s August decisions will have on U.S. employers.


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