Publication Date

January 2005


[Excerpt] This publication primarily deals with government regulation of and incentives for foreign investment, forms of business organization available to foreign investors and the Thai tax system.The latter half of the text contains summaries of various aspects of Thai law that generally affect most business operations in Thailand, including intellectual property, competition and consumer protection, labour, immigration, import/export, currency exchange and real estate.

This publication is intended only as a summary of certain aspects of Thai law with which a foreign investor should be familiar when initially planning a business venture in Thailand. It is not intended to serve as a substitute for specific legal advice that one should procure before actually investing in Thailand.The materials on each topic do not exhaustively summarize all relevant laws. In addition to the topics covered, it is also important for the investor to consider the laws and regulations that govern the specific type of business activity contemplated. Finally, each of the laws discussed is, of course, subject to change.The overall summary is based on Thai law as of 31 December 2004.


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