Publication Date

January 2004


[Excerpt] This memorandum provides a general summary of certain aspects of Mexican law, which may be of interest to foreign companies considering doing business in Mexico.

The areas of law summarized in this memorandum include:

1. Foreign Investment Law;

2. Competition Law

3. Maquiladora Operations;

4. Company Law;

5. Taxes;

6. International Trade;

7. Labor Law;

8. Environmental; and

9. Intellectual Property.

Treaties, to which Mexico is a party, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement (the “NAFTA”) among Canada, Mexico and the United States, may affect investors from certain countries and may modify the preceding areas of Mexican law..… Although this memorandum makes numerous references to NAFTA and other treaties, it does not comprehensively address all instances in which Mexican law is modified or complemented thereby.


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