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2016 was a year of the unexpected. We saw political events cause significant turbulence in the global economy resulting in global organisations potentially having to navigate turbulent waters ahead.

In this 2016/2017 edition of the Global Employer Magazine we present a Global Overview, looking ahead at key themes that could affect global employers' labor and employment practices in the year ahead.

We also set out our "2016 Review and 2017 Preview", covering recent and anticipated developments in labor and employment law and practice.

In the Review and Preview section, you will find:

  • information provided by region in the following order: Asia Pacific, Europe Middle East & Africa, Latin America and North America;

  • impact ratings to help show the significance of some of the developments, with 1 being a very significant or important development requiring action. Of course, the significance and importance of the development is subject to each employer's circumstances. Entries that don't have an impact rating include only general commentary on developments, trends or potential political changes; and

  • action points setting out recommendations for employers on how to operate in light of the recent or anticipated developments and trends.

As there were so many developments, we haven't been able to cover them all. Instead, we have chosen some of the most important or interesting developments for employers with a global or regional workforce.


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