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[Excerpt] This report provides an overview of the current status, trends, and forecasts for U.S. import and export flows as well as certain balances. The purpose of this report is to provide current data and brief explanations for the various types of trade flows along with a brief discussion of trends that may require attention or point to the need for policy changes. The use of trade policy as an economic or strategic tool is beyond the scope of this report but can be found in various other CRS reports. Further detail on trade in specific commodities, with particular countries or regions, or for different time periods, can be obtained from the Department of Commerce, U.S. International Trade Commission, or by contacting the authors of this report.


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Nanto, D. K. & Donnelly, J. M. (2011). U.S. international trade: Trends and forecasts [Electronic version]. Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.