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[Excerpt] In support of the Council on Women and Girls, the Office of Management and Budget and the Economics and Statistics Administration within the Department of Commerce worked together to create this report, which for the first time pulls together information from across the Federal statistical agencies to compile baseline information on how women are faring in the United States today and how these trends have changed over time. We believe that the information in this report is vitally important to inform the efforts of the Council on Women and Girls—and may be equally important in providing facts to a broad range of others who are concerned with the well-being of women and girls, from policymakers to journalists to researchers.

This report provides a statistical picture of women in America in five critical areas: demographic and family changes, education, employment, health, and crime and violence. By presenting a quantitative snapshot of the well-being of American women based on Federal data, the report greatly enhances our understanding both of how far American women have come and the areas where there is still work to be done.


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White House Council on Women and Girls. (2011). Women in America: Indicators of social and economic well-being [Electronic version]. Washington, DC: Author.