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[Excerpt] The report presented here complies with one of the XV IACML’s strategic guidelines, which explicitly provided for an analysis of the state of progress of gender perspective institutionalization in Ministries of Labor, by taking a snapshot of those ministries’ internal structures, the various schemes governing their units or commissions in charge of gender affairs, and the existing capacities of the latter for making gender equality a shared objective. The institutionalization of the gender perspective in Ministries of Labor is emerging as a highly effective tool for designing gender equality policies, plans and programs. This reflection about different experiences in the region––and the strengths and weaknesses they evince––provides an orientation framework for future actions.

Since its very inception in 2005, work for this study has been supported by the collaboration and technical expertise of the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) and the ILO. ILO’s contribution is the fruit of a relationship of close cooperation dating back to 1950 and recently strengthened by the Memoranda of Understanding signed in 2005 and 2007.

This study provides new elements for analyzing the work and strengthening the management of Ministries of Labor in the region. It has provided additional input for ILO’s Gender Equality at the heart of Decent Work campaign, as well as for the debate that took place on this issue during the 2009 International Labour Conference.


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Organization of American States. (2009). The institutionalization of a gender approach in the ministries of labor of the Americas. Washington, DC: Author.