Publication Date

May 1994


This Fact Finding Report is submitted jointly to the Secretaries of Labor and Commerce. After release of this Report, the Commission plans a series of hearings and conferences with representatives of business organizations, labor organizations, other organizations that have presented testimony or statements, and the interested public to receive comments, reactions and suggestions as to the statement of facts and its implications for private and public policies and for the recommendations of the Commission.Within a period of six months of the presentation of this Report, the Commission plans to present a final report with recommendations to the two Secretaries.


This document can be downloaded as a whole or in five chapters.

FactfindingDunlopCommChap1;.pdf (2474 kB)
Chapter I – The Changing Environment for Worker-Management Relations

FactfindingDunlopCommChap2;.pdf (2667 kB)
Chapter II - Employee Participation and Labor Management Cooperation in American Workplaces

FactfindingDunlopCommChap3;.pdf (2876 kB)
Chapter III - Worker Representation and Collective Bargaining

FactfindingDunlopCommChap4;.pdf (2613 kB)
Chapter IV - Employment Regulation, Litigation and Dispute Resolution

FactfindingDunlopCommChap5;.pdf (1121 kB)
Chapter V - General Observations