Publication Date

September 2005


President Bush has, by proclamation, suspended the application of the Davis-Bacon Act to all contracts to be performed in the jurisdictions in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi included in the Hurricane Katrina disaster area. This has the effect of permitting the payment of less than the locally prevailing wage on contracts entered into after September 8, 2005, for the construction or repair of public buildings and public works in the affected area. H.R. 3684 would make this type of suspension automatic for one year when a disaster is declared under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.


Suggested Citation
Luckey, J.R. & Shimabukuro, J.O. (2005). Prevailing Wage Requirements and the Emergency Suspension of the Davis-Bacon Act (CRS Report RS22265). Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.