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[Excerpt] The federal government, through Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), supports a number of benefits for qualified former members of the Armed Forces. Some of these benefits are targeted to veterans who, in the course of their service, incurred or aggravated an injury or contracted a disease, qualifying them as service-disabled veterans.

This report discusses major benefits that are provided to individual service-disabled veterans by the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA). In some cases, it may omit smaller VA programs. This report divides benefits into four categories:

1. Disability Compensation is a monthly payment for veterans who have been determined to have a service-connected disability.

2. Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits typically support service-disabled veterans in obtaining and maintaining suitable employment.

3. Housing grants and benefits can assist veterans in modifying their homes to accommodate a service-connected disability.

4. Other grants and benefits are available to qualified subsets of service-disabled veterans, including grants for automobiles, or clothing.


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Salazar, H. M., Perl, L., & Collins, B. (2020). Benefits for service-disabled veterans (CRS Report R44837). Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research Service.