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[Excerpt] This Semiannual Report, covering the period from October 1,1993, to March 31, 1994, documents many significant accomplishments of the men and women of the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Office of Inspector General (OIG).

During the first half of Fiscal Year 1994, the OIG issued 179 audits of DOL programs, reporting questioned costs of $20.6 million. An additional $5.7 million was recommended to be put to better use and $4.1 million in costs were disallowed by the DOL, based on OIG audit recommendations. Moreover,OIG criminal investigations resulted in 124 indictments and 144 convictions, and generated over $20 million in fines, penalties, restitutions, recoveries, settlements, forfeitures, and cost efficiencies. Among the OIG's many note worthy accomplishments are:

• The OIG's continued leadership in investigating and combating waste and abuse in the Federal Employees' Compensation Act, Unemployment Insurance, and Job Training Partnership Act Programs.

• The OIG's continued emphasis on investigating racketeering activity in employee benefit plans, particularly health insurance fraud.

• The identification of significant improper direct and indirect charges by several DOL grantees and contractors.

Additionally, in keeping with the streamlining and reinvention principles of the National Performance Review ,the OIG initiated a comprehensive review of its internal reports and directives to simplify and eliminate redundant or unnecessary issuances. The OIG has reduced,by almost a quarter,our Washington Metropolitan Area audit and investigative top management staff.

I am pleased to report that, during these past 6 months, DOL has taken action on some of our previous recommendations. These include testifying in support of stronger DOL criminal enforcement and making a commitment to re-evaluate or eliminate ineffective job training programs, such as the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit and Trade Adjustment Assistance Programs.


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United States Department of Labor, Office of the Inspector General. (1994). Semi-annual report to Congress for the period of October 1, 1993 to March 31, 1994 [Electronic version]. Washington, DC: Author.