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[Excerpt] Through the Semiannual Report and testimony before the Congress, I have attempted to focus public attention on the critical need to revise the Department's enforcement strategies to better assure the economic well-being and health and safety of the American worker. The Office of Inspector General's (OIG) findings and reports clearly are intended to stimulate awareness of program deficiencies which, if unaddressed, could create major additional funding problems for the Federal Government. By fostering concern and debate, I believe that the OIG effectively has discharged its responsibility to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.

It has been an honor and privilege to have served as the Acting Inspector General. I am especially indebted to my colleagues in the OIG whose competence, tireless commitment, and integrity have enabled this office to aggressively address and report on programs and issues of profound concern to the American publicwithout regard for political or bureaucratic ramifications. Their incisive, provocative reporting, indeed, has been recognized by the Congress as a model to be emulated by other Inspectors General.


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United States Department of Labor, Office of the Inspector General. (1990). Semi-annual report to Congress for the period of October 1, 1989 to March 31, 1990 [Electronic version]. Washington, DC: Author.