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[Excerpt] This report provides an overview of labor rights in Colombia in response to the requirement of the Trade Act of 2002 that the President provide a “meaningful labor rights report” concerning each country with which a free trade agreement is under consideration. The report focuses on important changes that have occurred in recent years, identifies ongoing issues, and discusses the commitments made by the Government of Colombia and the actions it has already taken under the “Colombian Action Plan related to Labor Rights” (“Action Plan”). The Action Plan was announced on April 7, 2011, by President Barack Obama and President Juan Manuel Santos. The Action Plan sets out the specific steps the Government of Colombia has committed to take to address concerns regarding Colombian labor laws and practices and the protection of labor rights.

This report is divided into three sections. Section One provides an introduction to the report. Section Two identifies “Issues of Note,” which are areas of concern with regard to labor laws and practices, and notes changes made by the Government of Colombia during recent years. The section also describes the Colombian Action Plan, which includes a broad range of initiatives to address these areas of concern.


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U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of International Labor Affairs. (2011). Labor rights report: Republic of Colombia. Washington, D.C.: Author.