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[Excerpt] This employment impact review is the first-ever U.S. employment impact review of a new U.S. trade agreement prepared pursuant to section 2102(c)(5) of the Trade Act of 2002 which requires the President to review and report to the Congress on the impact of future trade agreements on U.S. employment, including labor markets. This review presents an overview of the employment impact review process, the background and contents of the U.S-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA), and assessments of the potential economic and employment effects of the FTA. In addition, the review considers four selected issues related to the FTA that are relevant to employment and labor markets in the United States: the labor provisions of the FTA; the investment provisions in the FTA; the temporary entry provisions for business persons in the FTA; and trade adjustment assistance (TAA) and other federal programs to assist U.S. workers who may be displaced by international trade. The Trade Act of 2002 not only included the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) but also renewed the TAA program and greatly expanded and enhanced the coverage, benefits, and services available to workers certified under the program.


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U.S. Department of Labor. (2005). United States employment impact review of the United States-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Washington, DC: Author.