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Numbers and statistics alone cannot completely capture the myriad challenges facing working women of color, but they play a key role in informing the policies and actions that help mitigate them. In addition to shedding light on the gaps that remain, statistics also help us understand the progress women have made in approaching parity with men in the workforce. This issue brief provides statistics and information on the status of Black, Hispanic, and Asian working women in the United States across the following areas:

  • Contribution to family income
  • Unemployment
  • Families in poverty
  • Educational attainment and related unemployment rates and earnings
  • Occupational distribution
  • Earnings and the gender wage gap
  • The impact of the gender wage gap on retirement income


Suggested Citation
U.S. Department of Labor, Women's Bureau. (2016). The economic status of women of color: A snapshot. Washington, D.C.: Author.