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Since the beginning of his Administration, President Obama has focused on creating real, lasting security for the middle class by encouraging our nation’s workplaces to better support working families. As part of this commitment to an economy that works for everyone, including those balancing work and family, the President has included funding for the Department of Labor to create a State Paid Leave Fund to help states with start-up costs of establishing paid leave programs in his budget every year since taking office. In addition, the Department of Labor worked with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to better understand who has access to paid and unpaid leave in the workplace and commissioned an additional survey that focused on those who have taken, took, or had unmet need for leave. We report the findings of that data collection and summarize research that shows that paid and unpaid leave can help workers balance obligations at home and in the workplace—and help parents and those with medical needs remain in the workforce.


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Council of Economic Advisers (2014). The economics of paid and unpaid leave. Washington, D.C.: Author.