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[Excerpt] The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides an array of benefits to veterans and to certain members of their families. These benefits include, but are not limited to, disability compensation, education and training benefits, dependent and survivor benefits, medical treatment, life insurance and burial benefits, and home loan guaranty.1 In order to apply for these benefits, in most circumstances, the claimant will send an application to his or her local VA office. The local VA Regional Office (RO) will review the application and make an initial determination as to whether the claimant is entitled to the benefit. If, after the local VA makes a determination on the claim, the claimant is not satisfied with the results, he or she has the right to appeal that decision. This report provides an overview of the VA appeal process from the first stages of the appeal through review by the Supreme Court of the United States.


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Mason, R. C. (2016). Overview of the appeal process for veterans’ claims (CRS Report R42609). Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.