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Fifty-seven percent of businesses in the United States used green technologies or practices to improve energy efficiency within their establishments in August 2011, and over half used green technologies and practices to reduce or eliminate the creation of waste materials as a result of operations. These are some of the results from the first BLS Green Technologies and Practices (GTP) survey, published in June 2012. However, the previously published GTP data offer only a partial look at the extent to which businesses used green technologies and practices. For example, the data do not reveal whether establishments typically used a single green technology or practice, or were more likely to adopt combinations of GTPs. To address these topics, this issue of Beyond the Numbers uses a special tabulation of GTP establishment reports to supplement the published survey data with additional information on businesses’ use of multiple GTPs.


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Watson, A. (2013). Reduce, reuse, recycle: Green technologies and practices at work. Beyond the Numbers, 2(7). Washington, DC: Bureau of Labor Statistics.