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This report provides references to analytical reports on cybersecurity from CRS, other government agencies, trade associations, and interest groups. The reports and related websites are grouped under the following cybersecurity topics:

• policy overview

• National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)

• cloud computing and FedRAMP

• critical infrastructure

• cybercrime, data breaches and data security

• national security, cyber espionage, and cyberwar (including Stuxnet)

• international efforts

• education/training/workforce

• research and development (R&D)

In addition, the report lists selected cybersecurity-related websites for congressional and government agencies, news, international organizations, and organizations or institutions.


Suggested Citation
Tehan, R. (2014). Cybersecurity: Authoritative reports and resources, by topic. Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.