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[Excerpt] This report addresses a core issue facing the 113th Congress: What, if any, additional action should the federal government take to enhance small business access to capital? After discussing the role of small business in job creation and retention, this report provides an assessment of the supply and demand for small business loans, including the number and amount of small business loans guaranteed by the SBA. It also discusses selected laws enacted during the previous three Congresses that were designed to enhance small business access to capital by increasing the supply of small business loans or the demand for small business loans, or both. It also examines recent actions concerning the SBA’s budget and concludes with a brief overview of three legislative options available to address small business access to capital issues during the 113th Congress: wait-and-see, enact additional programs, or reduce and consolidate existing programs.


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Dilger, R. J. (2013). Small business: Access to capital and job creation. Washington, DC: Congressional Research Service.

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