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Tables regularly published as part of the Consumer Expenditure Survey program were expanded with the release of the 2003 data. A new column, “Asian,” was added to the table that shows expenditures by the race of the reference person. Member relationships within consumer units (CUs) with an Asian reference person consisted of 32.2 percent husband and wife with children, 30.0 percent single, 16.4 percent husband and wife only, 2.0 percent single parent with children, and 19.4 percent other. Among CUs consisting of husband and wife with children and who reported an Asian reference person, 87.7 percent comprised all Asian members. This summary highlights spending by Asian families in 2003 from the Consumer Expenditure Interview Survey, wherein a family is defined as a CU comprising husband and wife with children, an Asian family is one in which all family members are Asians, and other family is one in which not all family members are reported as Asians.


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Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2005). Spending by Asian families. Issues in Labor Statistics (Summary 05-03). Washington, DC: Author.