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[Excerpt] In March 2006, the 4,789 business establishments classified as telemarketing bureaus (NAICS 561422) employed 337,662 workers. Weekly wages in the industry averaged $527 and workers’ average annual pay was $24,966. The five counties with the greatest number of telemarketing employees supply a little over 11 percent of the total number of workers in the industry with a combined total of 38,620.

With 10,175 telemarketers accounting for 1.8 percent of its total employment, Bexar County, Texas, which contains San Antonio, tops the list. The telemarketing employees earn an average of $653 per week, more than $100 above the national average for the industry. Bexar County has 37 telemarketing establishments, the lowest establishment count among the top five counties.


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Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2006). Telemarketing: Five industry centers. Issues in Labor Statistics (Summary 06-06). Washington, DC: Author.