Publication Date

February 2005


This study was designed to investigate the relationship between rater’s personality and rating errors. For this, I propose a model that is Big Five Factors may relate in rating errors. This study predicted (1) Extraversion and Agreeableness is hypothesized to positively relate to the leniency error (2) Conscientiousness, Neuroticism may be positively correlated to the severity error and halo effect. Particular attention was paid to the consistency of rating error according to personality factors.

The Crosstable results showed that the Agreeableness and Extraversion were significantly correlated in with leniency. But rater's other personality factors were not significantly related in leniency, severity, and halo error. The result of ANOVA indicated that Agreeableness had significant level between leniency and severity group. There was no correlation between personality factor and halo effect. Based on the empirical findings, implications and limitations were discussed. Suggestions for future research also follow.


The paper is available in Korean only.