Publication Date

September 2005


In South Korea, the leaders of the important Industrial Unions are less concerned about the collective bargaining and joint regulation with an employer in plant level. They are more concerned about socio-political function of trade union and have an orientation to labor movement for a whole working class.

Most of leaders regard the role of labor leaders as a part of the movement for social change. There are few careerist leader and many leaders regard the role of labor leaders as personal sacrifice. In ideological aspect, most of leaders have an orientation to 'Democratic Socialism' and 'Socialism'. It means that the leaders of Industrial Unions regard the organizational change from Enterprise Union to Industrial Union as a part of the efforts for social change.

The leaders of Financial Industry Union are more moderate in value and ideology than the leaders of the Metal Workers' Union, Health & Medical Workers' Union. They have more instrumentalist orientation to trade union. There are many career-oriented leaders and norm-motivated leaders at the sacrifice of personal interest in financial industry Union. In latter unions, A few leaders are career-oriented and the most of leaders are ideological-oriented. Mainly the ideology and value orientation of the leaders in the Industrial Unions have statistically relationship with the personal experiences as a union leader.


Korean Title:산별노조 전임간부들의 가치지향: 금속노조, 보건의료노조, 금융노조의 비교
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